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Mental Health Professionals:

Without your CPD record, you will no longer meet the requirements for maintaining accreditation and a provider number.



Art Therapy 


  • Art Therapy Supervision Session Mental Health Professionals

PROMO Package of 3 Supervision Sessions

 Until November 30th, 2020  cost of each session is 89$

 (normal cost in $110)

Package cost $267



  • If you are a member of the Gestalt Art Therapy CLUB


Art Therapy Supervision Sessions

Until November 30th, 2020

Package of 3 sessions

$66.60 each session

 (normal cost in $110)

Package cost $199.80


Art Therapy SESSIONS

  • Art Therapy Session 


PROMO Package of 3 Art Therapy Sessions

Until November 30th, 2020

cost of each session is $99

 (normal cost in $120)

Package cost  $297




  • If you are a member of the Gestalt Art Therapy CLUB


Art Therapy Session

Until November 30th, 2020

Package of 3 sessions

$74.30 each session

(normal cost in $120)

Package cost $223



*We see individuals, Children, Couples, families and small groups as fundamentally adaptive and having the potential for growth.  Contemporary Gestalt Therapy works to bring about awareness that empowers the client to find creative solutions to personal difficulties and to effect change in family and social systems


*We view the relationship between therapist and client as a dialogue in which the client is affirmed in his or her humanity and supported in deepening awareness.  We value a quality of presence on the part of the therapist that is both authentic and clinically appropriate


*We pay close attention to what emerges in the present moment in therapy and emphasize the process as well as the content of experience.



Every professional Therapist, Psychologist, Counselor, knows how important it is to have Supervision.


When we are working with the client’s emotions, our emotions can also be affected in many ways.


We can have experiences like counter-transference; we can have experiences like a rejection, and we can experience alliances. All these situations are normal responses when we encounter the other, but...


Because we are psychology professionals we must be alert to these emotions so that they will not interfere with the process of therapy, thus ‘contaminating’ the therapeutic work.  And to make sure that our work will not interfere in our personal lives, causing burnout, medical illnesses, etc.


If you are looking for Art Therapy Sessions and/or Supervision sessions, contact us and make an appointment.


Promo Terms:

- Offer ends October 30th, 2020

- Sessions available in ONLINE and FACE TO FACE FORMAT - Offer not available with other offers

- Sessions are per person. The package of 3 sessions is per person.

- Offer not applicable to Medicare concession clients

- Payment by credit card has PayPal commissions applied to the link.

- Ask us for Bank details

- Please read Cancellation Policy



Therapy Sessions or Art Therapy Sessions?


The client can decide if he/she wants to experiment with the Gestalt Art Therapy session (using Art in the sessions) or Gestalt therapy session by itself.  

Using Art in therapy/supervision sessions offers to the client the opportunity to express him/herself in a creative way and support emotions and resolve conflicts in a natural ambience.


The benefits of the therapy sessions

 Gestalt Therapy focuses on a holistic approach, attending to mind, body, and spirit.

To participate in a therapy session you do not need to be officially sick“, that means, you do no need to wait for some illness before you attend to your needs and emotions.

The therapy sessions have a focus on developing fully the healthy personality. We do not focus on the blocked parts of the person but we support the strengths and potential for growth that everybody has.  

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