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Order a copy of the book online

ORDER THE BOOK - TAJ© Therapeutic Art Journaling

An invitation to explore imagery, to express your feelings in a therapeutic language, to find your own answers and also questions. The beginning of a Journey.

ORDER THE BOOK - TAJ© Therapeutic Art Journaling
ORDER THE BOOK - TAJ© Therapeutic Art Journaling

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Time is TBD

Order a copy of the book online

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Printed Book (only)

Art journaling can be a therapeutic and beneficial practice for several reasons.

It combines creative expression with personal reflection and can have positive effects on mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. 

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Here are some reasons why art journaling is therapeutic and the benefits it offers:

  • Self-expression: Art journaling provides a safe space to express oneself freely without judgment. The act of putting thoughts, emotions, and ideas onto paper through drawings, lines, and colors allows individuals to communicate and explore their inner world. 
  • Emotional release: Writing down thoughts and emotions or visually representing them through art can be cathartic. It allows individuals to process and release pent-up emotions, reducing stress and anxiety. 
  • Mindfulness and presence: Engaging in art journaling encourages a focus on the present moment. While creating, people tend to immerse themselves in the process, helping to quiet the mind and promote mindfulness. 
  • Problem-solving and insight: The act of journaling and creating art can lead to self-discovery and insights into one's thoughts and feelings. It can be a tool for problem-solving and gaining new perspectives on personal challenges. 
  • Stress reduction: Art journaling has been shown to lower cortisol levels (a stress hormone), thus promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. Engaging in a creative process can be an effective way to unwind and find inner peace. 
  • Boosting self-esteem: As individuals see their creative abilities grow and witness their thoughts and emotions materialize on paper, it can boost self-confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Personal growth and self-awareness: Regular art journaling encourages self-reflection and self-awareness. It allows people to track their emotional journey over time, identify patterns, and monitor personal growth. 
  • An outlet for non-verbal expression: Not everyone finds it easy to express themselves verbally. Art journaling provides an alternative mode of communication, allowing people to communicate complex emotions and experiences non-verbally. 
  • Coping with trauma and difficult experiences: Art journaling can be a therapeutic tool for individuals dealing with trauma or challenging life events. It provides a safe and creative way to process and heal from such experiences. In this kind of work, we strongly suggest the person experiencing trauma receive professional support. 
  • Increased creativity: The act of consistently engaging in art journaling can stimulate creativity and foster a greater sense of imagination in other aspects of life.

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Become a TAJ© Therapeutic Art Journaling instructor

The course will be open very soon!

Online short workshops and training

Becoming a “TAJ© Instructor”

If, after completing the exercises in this book, you found this book an interesting and important experience for your personal growth, and if you think that the development of these exercises can support other people, then you can choose to continue sharing this work as "TAJ© Instructor"

• What is a TAJ© instructor?

A TAJ© instructor is a person who has been trained by Gemma Garcia, in the TAJ© Instructors Course, and whose certificate will permit him/her to use this book in the development of workshops with participants interested in this subject of the Art Diaries and personal growth.

If you do not have the TAJ© Instructor certification, training developed only by Gemma Garcia, you will not be allowed to use this book or part of it, for any purpose, without the written permission of the author of the book Gemma Garcia, as it is protected by Copyright.

 What requirements are necessary to be a TAJ© Instructor?

No prerequisites and/or training is necessary to participate in the training TAJ© instructor. During the TAJ© Instructor training, the participant will acquire methodology, theory, and support material, to finally have training with which the trained can accompany other people in the development of the exercises in this book, for "personal growth" in workshops.

• How can I train as a TAJ© instructor?

Enroll in this course, and after receiving your registration form and payment, we will contact you via email, and send you all the information to start this training. Any questions please contact us

• What is the TAJ© instructor training?

The “TAJ© instructor course”, developed in an online format, consists of two parts:

Theoretical part 1: where the future TAJ© instructor will receive all the necessary information to answer the questions of future participants in their workshops, with content such as:

Meaning of colors, how to work with dreams, the meaning of symbols, the History of mandalas, how to work with directed fantasies, emotions, and relationship with body parts according to Chinese knowledge, investigation of the test of the person in the rain, the technique of collage, the use of art materials, self-portrait techniques, etc.

Practice part 2: The participant in the TAJ© instructor training must complete the entire TAJ© book exercises, as a practical and experiential part, and will also have an online mentoring session with Gemma Garcia, where the participant can express their doubts and queries about the instructor certification TAJ© course and subsequent professional application.

• What is the cost of the TAJ© Instructor Training

Gestalt Art Therapy members:

  • ​​Cost of the training *including the private session and the book $465
  • Cost of the training *including the private session, not including the Book $430

Non-members of the Gestalt Art Therapy Club:

  • ​​Cost of the training *including the private session and the book $551
  • Cost of the training *including the private session, not including the Book $516
  • Cost of the training *including the private session, the membership, and the book $500

​Costs are in Australian Dollars

GST not included

*​Book shipping costs included (Note: You can order the book here)

• After my Training as a TAJ© Instructor, what activities can I develop?

After obtaining the certificate as a TAJ© Instructor, it will give you the right to develop workshops with groups of people (face-to-face and/or online format) where you can use the exercises that appear in the book, and guide the participants in the workshop in their process of 'personal self-discovery'.

This may provide you with an important economic income. See more information in the TAJ© Instructor course.

• Where do I register to receive the Instructor TAJ© training?

Register HERE

(Registrations will be open very soon)

Read more about participants' conditions and refund policies.

Note: If your interest is integrating ART JOURNALS in working with clients and groups in Art therapy and psychotherapy sessions, read more about the specific Art therapy workshop at our center here.

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