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ORDER THE BOOK - TAJ© Therapeutic Art Journaling

An invitation to explore imagery, to express your feelings in a therapeutic language, to find your own answers and also questions. The beginning of a Journey.

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ORDER THE BOOK - TAJ© Therapeutic Art Journaling
ORDER THE BOOK - TAJ© Therapeutic Art Journaling

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Time is TBD

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What is a TAJ©

TAJ© is a Therapeutic Art Journaling.

The proposed exercises and ideas in this book, have the objective to help readers to start a new journey, expressing their self in a different language (visual, symbolic, creative, artistic) than the habitual (verbal language). All the proposed activities could be developed at any time, by any person age (preferred from 12 years old until 100 years old). To experience this book, you do not need to be a professional Psychologist, Therapist, Artist, etc. in fact, all of us are artists because we can create things!

This book gives you the opportunity to think about you, your life, your goals, expressing your feelings, writing, coloring, creating, pasting and more. You are the only one who has the right to interpret your creations.

The book's author is not responsible for any reader misunderstanding, or any unfortunate action, or any negative and/or disturbed emotion and/or mental situation derived from the use of some exercises proposed in this book. Each reader is the only responsible person for their actions and how to complete or not the exercises.

If you feel that you need psychological help and/or support, please contact your family doctor (G.P) and there, they will support you to find the best professional for each situation. Also, you can contact us for Art Therapy sessions working with your TAJ©

This book is not an Art Therapy book or an Art therapy Session. If you are interested in working with your creations/ situations/ emotions, in a more deep and therapeutic way, I suggest you contact a professional Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Social worker, Coach etc. to receive the required support and guidance.

This TAJ© book has some examples as a guide for you (some activities have a template, they are general, with no gender orientation), feel free to change it or create your own template. Please note that they are only examples from the author of this book, you can do whatever you need, or you want. The originals drawings/ paintings/ collages have some colors. Visit this online place to see more examples at the “virtual Art Gallery”, if you want, you are welcome to send to the author your creations, also there you will find more interesting exercises.

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